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What we do

What is Eutopia.Market

Eutopia.Market is a web portal that offers online exposure services and intermediation in online sales to support entrepreneurs, helping them find new customers and markets.
Eutopia Market is both a social market based on trust and reputation, and a platform for dissipating knowledge, in order to form direct links between producers and consumers.
The web application has relational databases, operation of offers being limited to the selection of standard products and the loading of the values of specific characteristics.


Structure of Eutopia.Market

Eutopia.Market comprises two areas:

  • Expo


    24/7 expo where manufacturers around the world present their companies and products through detailed fact sheets.

    • + Manufacturers
    • + Products


  • Shop


    24/7 shop in which suppliers (producers and their distributors) display their offers, so that buyers can choose according to their own needs.

    • + Manufacturers
    • + Distributors
    • + Products


Just a few numbers

Our key figures

  • Manufacturers
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To whom we are addressing

B2B & B2C

Eutopia Market is everyone's place! We address both wholesale and retail market, those interested in the international market and those who want to access local offers.

Why exhibit and sell through Eutopia.Market?

- You register and sell directly and or through your zonal distributors, to whom you facilitate the registration in the system
- You have your own web page within the portal, with a personalized name of the type: company_name / eutopia.market
- You can sell any type of product, in thousands of available categories, in any quantity and in any location in the EU


  • Buyers


    Access to thousands of products from manufacturers around the world + Ability to buy from suppliers in your locality, region or to buy from international suppliers + Ability to buy both wholesale and retail + Choice the right offer from the offers of several suppliers for the same product + Simple search and time saving + View the company's own web pages within the portal.

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  • Manufacturers


    Permanent exposure 24/7 in a centralizing portal in the field + Own web page within the portal, in order to present in detail the company, the way of working, the people, the products, the network of distributors, s.a. + Possibility to display information in several languages of international circulation + Obtaining reports on visitors and pages searched by them.

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  • Distributors


    Access to buyers from everywhere + Possibility to sell locally, regionally or internationally + Own online store within the portal + Possibility to display different offers, depending on location, delivery period, delivery method, etc. + Display of the offer in several languages of international circulation and coins + Receiving orders registered by visitors to the portal + Obtaining centralized reports.

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