How it works

Eutopia.Market is a global platform that currently provides the exhibition and marketing of products in the field of Agriculture & Food, and will gradually address other areas of interest: home & garden, lifestyle, health, tourism, industry, etc.

Eutopia.Market Subdomains

Eutopia.Market comprises two areas:

  • EXPO - exhibition
  • SHOP - shopping centre

Both areas: EXPO and SHOP can be visited in two ways:

  • Browsing the portal's own categories
  • Accessing company pages (similar to own websites)

Eutopia.Market can be visited 24/7 by everyone for free.

Eutopia.Market Members

In order to be present in EXPO and / or SHOP, companies register as members of Eutopia.Market.
There are three membership categories: EXPO member (for producers), SHOP member (for traders) and Free Member (for small producers).

Eutopia.Market Partners

The development of the program will be done by geographical areas and categories of products / services, with the support of some partners. Can become partners / administrators of Eutopia.Market: faculties with agricultural and food profile and related industries, producer associations, chambers of commerce, local administrations, organizations, legal entities concerned with supporting producers in the communities they belong to.

Way of working

Registration as a member of Eutopia.Market

  • The application for registration in the program is made by the interested company or the program partner, on its behalf. In order for a company to be admitted as a member of Eutopia.Market, it must offer products and / or services that meet certain standards in terms of quality, method of obtaining, utility, etc.
  • Each approved manufacturer may facilitate the registration in the program of distributors / traders of his products. In this way, buyers will have access to multiple offers for the same product, being able to choose according to their needs - location, delivery mode, minimum quantity, etc.

Data management

  • Companies can edit their own information, using specific administration modules, within its portal
  • Companies can call on external operators, proposed by the program partners.
  • Eutopia.Market administrators and partners train companies or their external operators on how to operate online and ensure that the data entered respects reality, compliance with the products / services offered.
  • Validation of the data entered: any change in the file of a company is announced to it, so that the company can preview the data and confirm that it is correct and represents it, following that confirmation, the data will be displayed in the portal

Data display

  • Eutopia.Market presents the general offer on the corresponding fields of the portal, grouping the offers of all manufacturers and suppliers, so that buyers can make the selection according to the desired criteria: delivery area, delivery period, quantity or minimum order value, s.a.
  • The companies have their own web pages within the portal, in which they present their activity (text, images, video); product catalog; contact persons; distributors; to.
  • In both cases, the displayed offers may contain (if desired) products that are out of season for sale or produced on demand, so that buyers can reserve or order products.
  • The information is entered in the official language of the country where the legal entity is established, as well as in English and possibly in other languages ​​of the country, depending on the area in which it wishes to promote.

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