About us

Eutopia.Market is a web platform that facilitates trade and an important provider of online marketing services, comprising two sections: EXPO (manufacturers exhibition) and SHOP (store).

We aim to connect buyers, manufacturers, distributors, professionals in an efficient, transparent and, most importantly, sustainable way. By doing this, we hope to strengthen the economy, create more support for local supply, provide more quality and help companies of all sizes to grow.
It is the place where business can be promoted, and buyers and suppliers can find business opportunities, buy and sell regardless of location and quantity. Eutopia Market is a social market based on trust and reputation, but also a platform for dissipating knowledge, in order to form direct links between producers and consumers.

The 4 pillars of Eutopia.Market

Sustainability is at the heart of the Eutopia.Market concept. We have created a platform where conscious buyers, certified producers, professionals and distributors come together, collaborating to help reduce waste, to change the way we consume. Eutopia Market revolutionizes the consumption and production movement, including supporting demand-based production!

The closed-door mentality of the production sector is a thing of the past. That is why Eutopia.Market aims to be as transparent as possible. If you are proud of the quality of your products and services, why not show it?

Information / Education

Through the contribution of the Eutopia Gardens Foundation, Eutopia.Market visitors benefit from various useful information related to the products presented (with links to Eutopia.School and Eutopia.Guide)


We are open and sincere and will always aspire to conduct and facilitate fair and ethical business. We believe that trust is a crucial pillar for lasting relationships between buyers and producers.

Join Eutopia.Market today and be part of creating a sustainable future!


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